Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's time to TAB!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on its way to woo you! Let the magic begin! Swooshhhh....

As our generation moves from Laptops to iPads/tabs, Smasung Galaxy Tab 10.1 makes a blazing entry. It is all set to metamorphose the way the web content is consumed.

Samsung is widening the horizon for gizmo lovers and also those who wish to access the web seamlessly. Less buttons and touch makes life altogether and quick. This Galaxy tab is engineered with Android 3.1 Honeycomb that enhances the web browsing and multi-tasking options and also opens you up to the humongous app marketplace on the go! If you are thinking of getting one Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you are going to get the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet weighing just 565 grams and only 8.6mm slim. This is sure to take your breath away.

Samsung Galaxy tab breaks the norm of only work. Now you can play and work on the go with sharper HD quality screen, faster web browsing and better speed with HSPA+. The new generation boils down to one single word: Multi-tasking. Yes, Galaxy 10.1 tab gives you myriad apps that ensures you get all your tasks done. It is inclusive of important apps such as calendar, PenMemo, World Clock, Task manager and much more to make things really easy for you. The amazing part is you get all this as pop up full screen applications. You get an incredible web brwosing with WiFi access and HSPA+ and can enjoy more downloads morning, noon and night.

The integral part of a tab is reading. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 will be the most sought after readers hub and a gateway to millions of newspapers, web-mags in various languages. You can read it as you wish to with zoom in/out, font changing and bookmarking options on your screen, making your e-reading a delight! 

For music maniacs, the Galaxy 10.1 is the best way to tune into the music console and jive along with it. You get access to beautiful catalogs, artist discography, music reviews and much more to explore. The word social is powerful in the Galaxy 10.1 so that you can access all your social tools such as e-mails, instant messaging and sync all your social networking accounts. There are two fabulous message and feed tabs that integrates message as well as web feeds into one. 

Galaxy 10.1 comes preloaded with Polaris office and that enables you to work from anywhere on the planet. You cab view, edit and create powerful documents using PowerPoint, Excel or Word. If you wish to store texts and images, there is Clipboard that allows you to cut and paste much like your PC.

Experience an exhilarating full HD Playback on your 10.2 combined with dual speakers giving you that cinematic surround effect while you watch your favorite movies as if you were in a theatre! When it comes to camera, Samsung Galaxy tab has both front and rear-facing that gives you a pleasurable video chat with awesome clarity. Now you can capture all those precious moments at one go.

Samsung Galaxy tab is way to go with its beautiful range of accessories such as keyboard case, desktop dock and other smart ones that will help you to work and enjoy the tab is in a better way. There is also a gamut of Goggle services or applications including Google Talk, Google Calendar, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Places that works to connect you to the real and virtual world like never before. So fasten your seat belts to experience a whole new era in the world of tabs, adding zest to your life and being.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kolkata gears up with two great back to back Bloggers Meet in a day!

Kolkata had two back to back Bloggers Meet on February 20th 2011. As a blogger and a web worker, it was awesome to meet bloggers with whom I had been friends online. The best things in life come in small packages. So were the Blogger's Meet. When the sun was up in the morning yesterday, IndiBlogger took on the show at CII grounds City Centre. They added a zing as bloggers started introducing themselves to the crowd.

This meet saw the coming together of bloggers for a cause that was envisioned by The Akshaya Patra Foundation who tells the world "Food for education". They are feeding almost 1.2 million children everyday and they say "No one within a ten mile radius of our center should go hungry." Bloggers from Kolkata and other parts of India made it to this forum to light the cause. As the show took on more energy, bloggers started to greet each other by writing nice comments offline. The blogger's meet winded up with rock band and open house discussions where bloggers interacted with each other. According to Anoop Johnson, Co-founder,, “It has given bloggers a purpose and brought about focused content on a particular issue, which is incredible to see.” This meet empowered the vigor of individual voice!

As IndiBlogger meet reached a culmination point, Kolkata witnessed another great Kolkata Blogger's Meet 2011 or #kbm11 organised by in association with INFOCOM.

The platform was big and this meet had some great speakers to educate both amateurs and pro-bloggers on web, technology, SEO, making money from blogging and addressing the enthusiastic crowd. Bloggers from various verticals came here. Kamanashish Roy- the person behind this meet added a zing to the show as he kept on adding beautiful snippets on blogging whlist speakers were getting ready! You could definitely check out some live tweets from the show @infocomlive.

The cherry on the cake was when Arnab Roy or rather Great Bong yielded the floor. He shared his experiences on blogging. Angsuman from Taragana also added more to the information basket when he went on to say on a gamut of factors that has empowered the blogosphere. There were other social media enthusiasts such as Nitesh Ambuj, Rahul Bharadwaj. The blend was when Akshaya Patra even made it to this show after the morning meet. They were thrilled to see the crowd and addressed the bloggers at this meet to support their cause. They are leaving no stone unturned for this enormously big social cause "Unlimited food for education". Their motive was not to just raise money but to spread more awareness among bloggers and asking them to write a word for them. One little effort can take them a long way. From morning till evening, both the shows threw light on the fact that even Kolkata has joined in the blogging bandwagon and is catching up action.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The house where Juliet lived: Casa di Giulietta:

The Balcony

Tales of unrequited love, romance & tragedy is a reminiscent eternal love story of Romeo Juliet. 2010 was the year when “Letters to Juliet” made it mark in the theatres. The flick was set in the beautiful Casa di Giuiletta- Juliet’s home. The house is centrally located in Verona at via Cappello. This was the house where the Capulet family resided. One can still get the feel from the antique coat-of-arms on the archway of the courtyard.

The best place in the house obviously throws light on Juliet’s balcony overlooking the courtyard. The next cynosure is the bronze statue of Juliet. Though the origin of thi statue in still shrouded in mystery, yet there is a popular thing that people do. They rub the right breast of the statue which is supposed to make your luck stars shine bright.

One will find innumerable sticky notes and graphiti on the walls of this romantic courtyard addressed to Juliet. The silver screen projection of this myth was great and indulging as is love!!!!!

Letters to Juliet!

But the reality check is “Is this actually the house of Shakespeare’s Juliet?” reviwed that, “The house actually has no connection with Shakespeare's fictional characters. Although the house is old, the balcony was added in 1936 and it was declared to be Juliet's house to attract tourists. Local officials, determined to keep the myth alive, designated it to be the residence of the Capulets. It costs 4 Euros to visit. The house contains a sparse collection of Renaissance frescoes rescued from other demolished palaces, as well as the original bed from Zeffirelli's 1968 movie Romeo and Juliet. There is not a lot else!”

This this is an obvious tourist trap. No matter what millions of people across the globe come here to see the bronze statue of Juliet and rub her breast (for good luck in love I guess).
What is your take? Do you believe in this?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Google gets Gothic at

Everyone is Googling and suddenly Google pops up in a new avatar. What is that? It is dark, tempting and might even petrify you! Well, jokes apart, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is Google Gothic or Goothic and unlike the white page, there is a page with a gothic backdrop and offers a new way to customize and find all that is surreal as well as real!

Google always refreshes the way you think and when you are looking out for all those weird stories and spooky elements, do a search at or even called Googoth at or

The home page is definitely eye-catching and is spine-chilling and you will often find an image of the famous Bran Castle in Transylvania-which was the residence of Count Dracula! Isn’t this amazing? Experience a dark search adventure as you will find amazing buttons such as “"I'm Feeling Lucky" translated in a funny "I'm Depressed or Sick" . There is nothing to feel terrified because Google has done this just to emphasize the adage “Change is the only thing that is constant”. Goothic is nothing but a revamped Google page where you find just anything that you would find on a normal Google page. This is all about packaging and making your journey on the web fascinating as well as scintillating.